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Make a Little magic

At Spectacular Performances and Events, our purpose is to make lasting memories for all those we have the privilege of entertaining. We come together as a cast of passionate performers to dream up new and innovative ways to impact the lives of our audience. Each interaction is an opportunity for us to inspire imagination and happiness. Our mission is to provide the means for our partners to make memories for their guests. We genuinely believe that collaboration creates the most powerful performances and entertainment. 

Becoming Spectacular

At Spectacular Performances and Events, our cast is compromised of talented, professionally trained individuals with experience from all realms of the entertainment industry, from dance, theatre, theme parks, education, and more. 

We believe in providing a culture of creativity and community for our cast while offering ample opportunities for each person to learn and grow. We invest in our team to ensure members are valued and that their unique skills and abilities enhance our company culture. 

As a team, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of the people and communities around us and strive to adapt as individuals and a cast to uphold the utmost level of professionalism, organization, talent, and empathy. 

We provide the highest quality entertainment to make memories and create events that will leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve. 

We strive to always provide SPECTACULAR entertainment for our communities and clients through every aspect of our company.

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Branden Schossler

Chief Financial Officer


Miranda Bryant

Chief Executive Officer


Dana Braun

Vice President of Marketing

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